Coachfrog simplifies access to qualified therapists, trainers and coaches with people with health concerns. It helps everyone to find a suitable therapist or a coach for their individual health needs in Switzerland.

the Project

Spring 2015 I was hired by the company’s CTO to work on complete redesign and rebranding of their online marketplace platform.


In 2015 Coachfrog had to add long-awaited functionality to their website. However, the current state of the platform was outdated and not finished. Therefore the company decided to completely rethink and rebuilt an existing experience. Giving more room to further growing functionality and ideas.

One of the biggest goals for Coachfrog was to create a seamless experience for mobile devices. All the functionality from searching for a professional to a personal account section should be responsive and provide full-scale functionality.

Therapist Search on Map






First, I had to handle rebranding activities to prepare visual language and direction for the future designs. Coachfrog was missing most of the design essentials in the current branding so I decided to scrap everything besides colors and general idea direction.

The project has a really tight schedule so for the most of the screens I prepared a flexible design system that could help to assemble new pages fast passing the wire framing stage.

The stakeholder wanted to participate in the design process so the flow was broken down into the sketch, wireframe, design stages. The customer handles the first step of low fidelity sketches made mostly by hand on a whiteboard. The second stage for me was to translate customer’s vision and requirements into a properly structured layout and present it for approval when necessary.

In less than 2 months the project was done and ready for development. As most of the projects I worked on, Coachfrog required some development process support from the design side. During next month I collaborated with front end developers providing necessary assets and implementing design changes caused by process constraints.

Redesigned Coachfrog was launched summer 2015. The company’s website became leading therapist search platform in Switzerland.


Every piece of the functionality is available on mobile devices. Coachfrog was designed fully responsive.

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