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Starting January 2014 I worked on the project called Dealer’s Pricing Tool. The app is a part of an internal database which helps dealers batch price their inventory using informational leads provided by Edmunds. 

Car Selling Dealerships are still one of the biggest businesses in the US. The country sales rose 8 percent to 15.6 million in 2013. Edmunds built it’s first Dealer Pricing Tool times ago and needed not only a refresh but also a pipeline of a new functionality added. At the moment competition was gaining momentum pretty fast.

I made it into a small design team where I had to lead a hands-on design work. My company leads engineering work on a few other different projects as a result. I would need to coordinate design work with 5 project managers to keep things doable for everyone. Most of the design reviews went smooth, however. We managed to find a flow that works for every team and eliminates rollbacks.

DPT Design Candidate

Goals & Problems





After laying down the structure of existing and future functionality we had to work on 2 versions. First, we had to improve current version of the app and support existing users with urgent functions. Second, we need to design completely new stretch goal experience.

One of the biggest challenges in designing UX for complex functionality is the transition between old and new interfaces. Most of the users got used to crooked functionality and you might get very polarized feedback.

User Flow Chart Example

User Flow Chart Example

Current (at that moment) Inventory Pricing Tool Design Makeover

At this point, you can’t just ask basic interview questions and adjust interface accordingly. We found a way to analyze dealers feedback and evaluate our questionary. We found out that people most likely accept and learn new structure as we ask them to not only achieve the task by using it but also try to explain the interface to us as that was an interviewer the one who needs to learn it.

In slightly less than 5 months on the project, I was able to collaborate with project managers and Edmunds executives and produce several versions of Designs and clickable prototypes for the future vision of the tool.

Design Condidate Functionality Deck


The short list of concerns we managed to meet.

There is No visual connection between rules and inventory.

We redesigned inventory to improve understanding of the relationship between TRIMs and the Stocks so they are visually connected now.

Unified Bulk actions needed

Group Rules changes are made in the same way as single so the dealer does not need to learn additional functionality. We simply load the same values in the appropriate fields in the sidebar. If the values are different, we display the empty fields with the ability to edit them. The dealer also has an ability to select all data in the table by selecting the very top select box.

The data table is overloaded.

An analysis showed that dealer ordinary manage only one Make or even Model. So we brought Make Selection to the first plan of data load. It let us reduce the number of information loads per page and show more detailed information for every TRIM. We simplify the table and put the filter parameters in a separate panel, adding a few extra filters.

The tool is hard to scan and impossible to work with on small displays.

We’ve added a fluid grid for the data table so it stretches on larger displays and shows additional information for VINs. For the small displays and tablets, we’ve added more comfortable layout with folding sidebar and menu button.

Setting global leasing parameters (acquisition fee, etc).

The dealer has an ability to set some of the leasing parameters on the global level. Default parameters could be changed from Lease Program settings section. There are 2 options to establish lease parameters. First-time load experience and settings tab where you can always change them. 

Simplify editing process of prices on the VIN Level.

Every new price appears as an input, dealer only needs to change the value, it excludes the price from the rule and temporary blocks further updating. To reset price back to the rule’s default value dealer can use a reset icon.

DPT Design Candidate

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