As the part of company growth, JINS started the brand refresh. The company also wanted to redesign the website. Improve overall look and feel and tune up usability.

I joined in September 2016 as the rebranding development started by ASA Digital. I took over the website redesign and eCommerce usability. I built a visual direction for a catalog page, after the concept presentation the design was approved and I continued my work for the next 2 months, redesigning the whole website following the direction we established.

the mission

“You should be afforded the right to your personal style and individual freedom, regardless of cost.” – JINS

Quality should not be a question or surcharge; people just deserve it. You deserve it. Reliability, precision, and peace of mind. That’s why we ensure that our products are of the highest quality – and if something is not up to your standards, then it is certainly not up to ours.

The company’s top management always supervises most of the decisions made on our side. They always strive to preserve the brand’s core values and highest product standards. Even so, the project engagement went pretty easy and fast. The client wanted to move fast to keep up with west coast store openings. One of the requests was to have regular in-person meetings, which is how I usually like to work anyways.


I don’t regularly do style guides at the beginning of the project. I prefer to experiment with a few main pages then align mutual elements and create visual rules out of them. I started with a few proposal pages, built style guide and we continued with less visual, more UX-oriented pages.

JINS has visual preferences and branding constraints I needed to follow. The whole website has to be built on Magento. That dictates some of the technical limitations and layout specifics as well. Luckily this is the field I feel very comfortable taking in account years of WordPress based e-commerce design and development experience.   

Every pair of JINS glasses is artfully designed by the team in Tokyo with the passion of Japanese craftsmanship. Everything that involves the brand is very sensitive and should be done with extra care. Therefore we met every week for a few hours discussing design aspects and UX flows. The website redesign went throughout several stages of approval.

It’s always fascinating to create a virtual character for a physical product brand.


My job was finished in 2 months since the first concept presentation. JINS started development and released the first version of the refreshed website in next 6 months. During that time JINS opened 3 more retail stores including Los Angeles and San Jose, increasing their customer base and expectations for the future of their web store.

It’s too soon to call design results as the website still rolling out its updates. The outcome for the client was pretty obvious though. JINS was able to roll out their brand refresh sooner than planned. The design updated was made in accordance with the new framework and CMS limitations. That way the online store never went off and the update rolled out smoothly.

Buying the Product


According to analytics, nearly %50 of website visits come from mobile devices. Therefore everything we build should look great on portable devices. Every screen and control should work properly.


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