Target is a fast turnaround freelance project I did back in 2015. The activity tracking application for iOS and WatchOS. The app has pretty simple functionality, it runs in the background all the time and keeps track of your steps & burning calories.

In 2015 I often took small creative projects. Most of the mobile projects I took part in a heavy adaptation of even bigger desktop functionalities. Most of such projects’ main goal is to have maximum functionality and most of them don’t have time or budget to pay attention to small design details. The details that would craft out an exceptional product.

To avoid going this path again I limited my future freelance projects to have 5 screen interfaces maximum. At this point, I would have time to pay attention to all design aspects. After years spent working on interfaces overloaded with functionality I really had an urge to build something that does fewer things and does it great.

I love to work on small projects mainly because there are fewer variables more time to spend on small details. As the result, there are more chances to deliver consistent & great working product.


Fitness Target has pretty explicit requirements and even some sort of wireframes ready. I really loved the simplicity of the functionality described. I knew that I can spend more time on the visual design since the general concept was already in place.

Evaluated goals looked like this:

1. Create visually sufficient interface for a fitness steps tracker.
2. Provide an ability to set daily goals.
3. Show activity history in a simple yet unobtrusive way.
4. Create AppleWatch app that mirrors all functionality.
5. Create app’s identity and icon.

Target App Wireframing Stage


With fitness target I didn’t want to start with identity or icon design. The application has no visual design yet and I didn’t want to set constraints with branding from the start. I didn’t get any specific requests on design direction. Which at this point was a good opportunity for me to go where I want.

PS3 Waves Scene

Apple Watch Activity App

Nike Fuel Band App

Apple Watch Activity App

To find the look I’m searching I refer to certain examples. I love the visual scene of Playstation 3 menu section and it’s animation. The idea for the app caused by Apple Watch launch and the spike in demand on fitness apps. The interface should be somehow related. And the last let’s take a look what competitors do. Nike fuel band app is a great UX example.

I wanted the app to be as simple as possible. Yet I wanted to create an emotional relationship between a beautiful UI and the user. The main goal of any fitness is to preserve consistency. At this point, I want to create an appealing interface which would help to form a positive feedback. So the app users tend to check the status more often.

Apple Watch Icon Design Versions


In somewhat less than a week I came up with a design candidate for the iOS app and iOS icon. The design got accepted with few minor adjustments. I had few more days to work on apple watch application. I delivered the app the day after.

The design general features are simplicity and vibrant colors. To set a goal user can double tap on the number and drag a slider. We plan to make the slider stick to round numbers to solve potential use problems. The main argument to use it over direct input is that we don’t want people to use a keyboard while on the go.

Fitness Target Final Design

The Apple Watch app has basic functionality. Even though the app provide threshold settings (you can set daily goals). We decided to keep the app simple and use only numbers to represent the counter. Not only this makes an implementation easier but also simplifies the look and feel.

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